36.FANTAFESTIVAL - Luglio 2016

Fantafestival 2017

Nuovo appuntamento con il cinema fantastico nella 37a edizione del Fantafestival, che dopo molti anni si sposta in inverno. Film e cortometraggi provenienti da ogni parte del mondo si contenderanno il Pipistrello d’Oro, assegnato dalla giuria nell’ultima serata.

New appointment with fantastic cinema for the 37th edition of Fantafestival, for the first time in many years in winter. Features length movies and shorts from all over the worlds will run for the Golden Bat, given by the jury on the last evening.

Day the World Ended (1955) was the fourth film directed by Roger Corman. Rick (Richard Denning) is a heroic scientist who, among others, must face off against a mutant monster (Paul Blaisdell) after an atomic war destroys human civilization. Chet Huntley of NBC, who later formed The Huntley-Brinkley Report, narrates.

The film is referred to in a 2001 horror film of the same title, The Day the World Ended.