Fantafestival 2020

Il meglio del cinema fantastico internazionale: anteprime, incontri e retrospettive.

World premieres, meetings and movie retrospectives. The best of national and interational production in the fantastic genre compete for the golden bat given by Fantafestival.


Zombie Massacre 2 – Reich of the Dead

di/by: Luca Boni & Marco RistoriZombieMassacre2 poster

Con/Cast: Andrew Harwood Mills, Dan Van Husen, Aaron Stielstra, Michael Segal, Ally McClelland, Lucy Drive, David White

Sceneggiatura/Screenplay: Luca Boni, Marco Ristori

Fotografia/Cinematography: Francesca Catalano

Effetti Speciali/Special Effects: David Bracci

Musiche/Music: Gabriele Caselli

Produzione/Production: Uwe Boll

Anno di realizzazione/Year: 2015

Durata/Film run: 84’

Nazionalità/Country: Canada/Italy

Sinossi: Ambientato durante la Seconda Guerra Mondiale racconta la storia di un gruppo di soldati britannici che combattono contro un’orda di zombi creati dai nazisti con i prigionieri dei campi. Hanno una sola notte per salvare la propria vita, ma il nemico è più forte…

Synopsis: It’s the height of World War 2, and in their never-ending quest for victory at all costs, the Nazis have taken genetic experimentation to new heights – using the prisoners of the camps to create bloodthirsty army of the undead! Alongside the usual carnage of the trenches and terror of combat, the oncoming Allied soldiers are now faced with battling an ever-expanding and near indestructible hoard of Zombies! They have just one night to save their own lives and escape the soulless grip of their lifeless enemy, or face becoming part of the Zombie army themselves…