38.FANTAFESTIVAL - Dicembre 2018

Fantafestival 2018

Anteprime, incontri e retrospettive. Il meglio della produzione nazionale e internazionale di film e cortometraggi fantastici si contende il pipistrello d'oro assegnato dal Fantafestival.

World premieres, meetings and movie retrospectives. The best of national and interational production in the fantastic genre compete for the golden bat given by Fantafestival.


Fantafestival is the oldest and one of the most important Italian festival devoted to genre movies: science fiction, fantasy and horror. It is held every year in Rome, usually during the first part of summer, since 1981.

During its long history, Fantafestival has presented and launched in Italy many filmmakers who later would become among the most popular in the fantastic film world. The list of guests of honor includes all the biggest names in the genre, from actors such as Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, John Carradine, Rutger Hauer, Robert Englund, to directors and producers like Roger Corman, Freddie Francis, George A. Romero, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Sam Raimi, Peter Jackson, and among Italians, Lucio Fulci, Riccardo Freda, Dario Argento and Lamberto Bava.

Fantafestival is also among the founding members of the European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation. More information about Fantafestival and its history can be found on Wikipedia here.

To submit a work to Fantafestival a screener should be sent either to the address below or via a submission platform. Accepted submissions include movies, shorts and occasionally documentaries belonging to the fantastic genre (science fiction, fantasy, horror, paranormal and all related genres).

Via G.B. de Rossi, 20/c
00161 Roma

Please include this form properly filled (either as a file or printed).
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To submit your work via Internet please use one of the following websites.



Submission deadline for Fantafestival 2018: October 19th 2018. Materials received beyond this date will be taken into consideration for the next Fantafestival or for other events which take place during the year.


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For any further information please contact: info@fanta-festival.it.